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Ethernet connection instead of WiFi

Whether possibility to connect device to internet via cable?

The ESP8266 doesn’t have a possibility to connect via Ethernet. But there should be instructions how to configure a Raspberry Pi so that it’s sending the data from a SDS011 and a BME280 to our platform.
A script for the Raspberry Pi can be found here (SDS011 attached via USB-UART adapter): GitHub - corny/luftdaten-python: Python program for the sensor network (e.g. usage with Raspberry-Pi)

I was thinking about testing USR-ES1 / W5500 Lite with ESP8266. In theory it should be possible to use this module in Sensor.Community devices. W5500 library seems to be relatively lightweight.

Also it’s worth mentioning that ESP32 has build in Ethernet MAC - and this makes device like Olimex ESP32-POE (ESP32-POE - Open Source Hardware Board) nice board for such experiments.

Raspberry Pi is expensive. Arduino + W5500 Lite would do the job. Is there some like that project?

I guess, it would be simple to adapt ESP8266 code for arduino (eg. nano) + some cheap ethernet module. Unfortunately I am not capable of doing that.

Just try! That is the digital empowerment. And it is always good to learn how to program the ESP.
But I just think: do you have an ethernet plug outside? And does the ethernet provide current?

I am good with electronic and soldering. It is no problem for me. I am not quite shure how I gonna supply power, probably through ethernet cable 12v to 5v buck converter.
I would love to learn programming ESP, but now don’t have time and have some problem with health of eyes…
I think the community should have process this project, there are many locations where wifi is not available, plus ethernet connection is far more stable and ethernet cable can be used for power supply (there is no need for POE, because of low power consuption)

To make things as small as possible I would use Wemos D1 mini/ESP32 D1 Mini + USR-ES1+ Step down based on LM2596HV. Ethernet + Passive PoE up to 60V :slight_smile: One cable with power and data.

Orange pi cost approx same, but have much more capabilities.

And it comes with set of it’s own problems :slight_smile: Especially when you have has access to SBC - it’s major security threat. You can install many different things on it and let it work in background undetected for months.

Hello everybody!
This is my first time in this forum so I quicky introduce myself:)
My name is Franz and I work with my family on several projects around enviromental sensor stuff here in Hainburg an der Donau in Austria.
Im kinda ok with hardware but really bad when it comes to coding…

Did anybody come along the W5100S-EVB-Pico?

I would love to use it for this Project and would connect via ethernet to a 4G Modem.
Is there anybody out there who would help us with the code?

Why don‘t you want to connect with wlan?
It would need a complete rewriting of the code…
We already have a lot to do to maintain the firmware for esp8266.
Let s talk about it after christmas.

Good Morning pjg!
For sure you guys have a lot to do and we are very thankful for your work.

The thing is that we don’t have Wifi available everywhere so we started to use 4G Modems with an ethernet port and connect it via a LAN cable to our sensors to use as little energy as possible.

I would be happy if we could discuss some ideas after christmas!

Maybe the easiest solution would be to use another fimware which only get data from the PM and THP sensors and then just send data to the API. It quite straight forward to use it and there will be no problem with the registration for the map. Check the description of the API in the github or here in the forum.

There is also Lora as an alternative.