ESP32 + PoE kit / firmware

WiFi transmission is unreliable. A sensor needs power anyway.

For (security) cameras my premise already has ethernet cables in place and a PoE (power over ethernet) switch. There are even spare ethernet cables and free ports on the switch.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a device is powered and communicates over hard wired ethernet?

ESP32-WROOM-32 with PoE boards are available at Olimex for € 17,95 and a
LilyGO TTGO ESP32-WROOM-32 PoE is priced at € 28,50

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Someone also asked for it. Let s talk in january

I would have probably opted for buying a POE ethernet version if that had been an option, although the WiFi seems to be fine.

it’s very interesting me too

Same issue for me.
WiFi outside the buildings is rare, cables are in place.

Is this idea growing right now?


I would be also interested in this topic. Has something been done to develop second sensor kit based on ESP32 PCB? On main page it is still grayed and impossible to check page content. I think migration from limited ESP8266 to ESP32 is the best option, They are on the same price level, still low, so I don’t see right now advantage of ESP8266.
Powering over ethernet would be also great option, for sure it might be much easier to pull few meters of cable outside the build, especially when you have fat walls and wifi signal is poor.