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Error 403 when calling the API interface

Hello everyone,
for some time now I have been operating a fine dust sensor according to the instructions on This is registered there with an ID ####. I then read the current measured values into my iobroker via the API ( By November 2021, I received the measured values without errors. But now I get the error 403 instead of the json string.
Is that a problem with my hardware or software?
Has the interface been changed? Is this a temporary problem? How can I query the current measured values via an API?

mi greetings, Andreas

Hello @Andreas,
since two years the name of the project is Sensor.Community. With that change the URL of the API end point to request sensor data was changed to . All requests to the old URL received a redirect to the new one for the last 2 years. Now these redirects were disabled because there was enough time to change all scripts to the new URL.

Someone is still using luftdaten…
Replace with

Many thanks for the quick response.
I installed my sensor about 3 years ago, and since then it has been running very unobtrusively and delivering its measurement data. I probably didn’t notice the switch to Despite the search, there was no reference to the URL conversion to be found on the Internet. I just changed the URL and get the measured values again in iobroker.