English documentation for NAM project

Some of you are already familiar with Nettigo Air Monitor - project heavily based on Sensor.Community firmware with a little bit upgraded hardware. It was our Polish initiative to design and build this Open Source / Open Hardware solution. Nettigo (the company I work for) teamed up with Code for Poland. This solution is used also in Ukraine by Save Dnipro. So far we provided only Polish documentation.

Because since beginning we share everything, and language barier might be significant for many of you, about a week ago I started translating documentation of Nettigo Air Monitor Project to English.

Documentation is hosted at: Nettigo Air Monior - Join the fight for better air quality!
Knowledge base: Nettigo Air Monior - Knowledge base


  • Hardware: TAPR
  • Firmware: GPL v.3
  • Documentation (including photos) hosted at air.nettigo.pl: CC BY-SA 4.0

Hope you will find it useful. It’s a rather slow process, but I am determined to keep it going.

If you have any questions regarding documentation I will be happy to answer :slight_smile:

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