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Edit firmware latest_fr.bin

with which software tool can I edit the firmware latest_fr.bin to change the display size of the OLED SSD1306

What do you want to change?
If you use a self compiled firmware you need to disable OTA. So you may also need to recompile it on any update of the source code.
We use Visual studio with to compile the firmware. The sources can be found at sensors-software/airrohr-firmware at master · opendata-stuttgart/sensors-software · GitHub
Master branch: the source of the actual release version
Beta branch: the latest source code (including changes that may not work as expected at the moment …)

Hello ricki-z, thanks for your interest.
I just want to increase the font size of the display on an SSD1306, for a more comfortable “local” reading during the sensor assembly training sessions.
But the links indicated in your message have clearly shown me the limits of my poor skills in this matter.
Thank you, anyway, cordially
(Written in French, translated with DeepL)

Maybe you should check the LCD displays? They are larger and show the same informations in a clearer font. The 2004 has 20 chars in 4 lines.

I think I’m going to go in that direction.
It’s a shame, because I have several 1306 modules and the consumption of the 2004s is higher.
Thanks for your help.
(written in French, translated by DeepL)

Can you send me the specification of your displays?
And not meant very seriously ;-), but maybe an idea:
How about Fresnell loupes?

Pouvez-vous m’envoyer les spécifications de vos écrans ?
Et pas très sérieux ;-), mais peut-être une idée :
Et les loupes Fresnell ?

These are 0.96" OLEDs - SSD1306 - but on educational stations I would replace them with 2004 LCDs.
As you suggest, there is the possibility of using a Fresnell, or, change my glasses…