Doubt on PM data

The SDS011 sensors have been in use for more than 2 years now. Do these sensors require maintenance ? and if so, how ?

Or are they simply worthless after a certain time ?

When comparing the data at the 3 locations, I have doubts whether the output values are really correct (of course a certain tolerance I do understand

) .

And another question, at the particle sensor, where the hose is connected, is that the air input or the output ?

The pipe is attached to the inlet. The exhaust is the opening in the black casing attached to the larger silver/chrome casing. Mine are running for a few years, still giving excellent results. But I remember I got strange results now and then and cleaned the pipes (spiders!). I also opened one and cleaned it. But even after several years they are still in very good agreement with a nearby official station.

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Your sensor looks so new!

On the ones that have run a couple of years that I’ve seen, the shield plate around the electronics is usually complete covered in a brown rust layer. Also there’s usually some dirt in the plastic tubing.

I personally don’t have any data on reliability vs time.

The datasheet has a recommended installation direction, with the plastic tube coming in either from the side or from the top, so that’s at least different from your situation.

Bertrik is correct. Here is the relevant page from the specs taken from another thread.