Donate/Gift fully assembled sensor

due to the amount of time i have spent trying to get the sensor to work, between the assembly, the flashing of the software, the eternal "read error"s on the sensor and my reduced time availability for the coming months i am giving up on the project, i prefer to donate it instead of keeping it offline for a long time, so that it might be useful to someone. If anyone is interested in receiving a fully assembled sensor, free of charge except for the shipping costs, please contact me privately and i will send the address to schedule the sensor pickup from. Northern Italy.
Thanks everyone, saludos

That’s a nice idea and gesture.

By the way how come you didn’t buy a ready to assemble kit? I was in the same predicament as you when pollution at night this summer finally made me determined to assemble and install some parts I bought 4 years ago but never got around to put them together due to lack of time and of some parts.

I finally ordered the part I needed but it took a long time to arrive, and since I would have been more busy by the time it would arrive, I just decided to get a kit and be done with it. It literally took me 10 minutes to assemble and set it up, plus a couple of hours for designing and experimenting of how to install a mesh that wouldn’t get too wet in case the pipe got somehow wet when raining.


it was a ready to assemble kit. i’m glad it took you so little time, it’s evident you have better skills than me wrt this kind of things. the offer stands.

Je suis désolé que vous abandonniez, vous devriez (en regardant la carte des capteurs) rechercher une station existante non loin de votre localisation, et lancer une requête dans ce forum pour proposer votre capteur à “mettre en état” il se trouvera toujours un.e bricoleuse (eur) intéressé.e.
I’m sorry you’re giving up, you should (by looking at the map of sensors) look for an existing station not far from your location, and launch a request in this forum to propose your sensor to be “put in state”, there will always be a handyman interested.
Néobreton29 (France)

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Good Afternoon Uovobw

We are a non-profit organisation in South Africa representing underprivileged communities and will gladly accept the donation if is still available.