Does it make sense to register more than one sensor at my location?


I just started to build a ‘sensor-station’.

My starting point is the basic sensor design as published on the sensor community site.

I bought a couple of different Particulate sensors and temp/humidity/pressure sensors.

As I am interested in the measured values of the different sensors, and the impact of the placement of the sensors, I want to read out all the sensors at the same time to see the differences.

Just a couple of questions:

  • · Is advisable (possible) to connect more the one sensor on the NodeMCU ESP8266?
  • · Does it make sense, is it possible, to register more than one sensor on the sensor community network?
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I think it does. I have three registered. A sound meter combined with bme280 and sds011, a second sound meter and my geiger. And thinking about a second geiger as well.

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And what about 2-3 different dust sensors (same location) ?

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Why not! Quite a lot of PM sensors are supported.

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That sounds great. So you can compare the results. I run two sensors at the same location in order to compare the results.

The present sensor is using the PMS5003, BME280 and the not on the site supported sensors for sound, LTR-559 light and MICS6814 gas.

I have on my desk some sensors waiting to be used:
the PM sensors SPS30, SENS55 and SDS011 and and a BME680.

I am planning to load all collected data in a Influx DB on my site as well as sending all data (as faras supported by ).

A lot of work I guess…

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