Difference in raw data archive and sensor map

Hi all,

I downloaded the historical data of my pm-sensor to see if i could do some analyses. I noticed differences between the data in the downloaded csv-file, and the data shown on the sensor community map.

For example: the data in the csv-file shows the following data for last measurements of December 1st:

  • PM10 at 23:56 = 18.7
  • PM25 at 23:56 = 7.53

However, when I look at the data shown on the sensor community map, the values are as follows:

  • PM10 at 23:56 = 21.4
  • PM25 at 23:56 = 8.60

Does anybody know why there is a difference?



The raw data timestamps are in UTC, the map uses local time (+1 hour). You’ll see that the data in the csv at 22:56 will have the expected values.

You’re right. Thanks for the help.