DHT11 connection

Hi all!

I have seen here List of compatible sensors? - #2 by pjg that the DHT11 temperature/humidity sensor is supported. However, in the configuration page, sensors, I can see DHT22 but no DHT11. In order to try, I connected a DHT11 and selected DHT22 in the configuration, but I obtained very high values (around 500 ºC and 1400 % HR). How can I do to use a DHT11 if it is really supported?

Thanks in advance,
Silvia Alonso

Please don‘t use the DHT11. It is extremely Bad and not adapted for outdoor use.

Just buy a BME280.

Thanks for your recommendation. I’m trying to get some BME280. I have a ds18b20, which is more adequate to measure temperature outdoors. Anyway , since I have a DHT11 and I need to measure relative humidity, can I actually use it? It seems it is supoorted, but how can I enable it?



The DHT11 will quickly read 100% humidity all the time when placed outdoors.
It is not possible anymore to enable a DHT11. Not in the configuration screen of the MCU and also not on the website devices.sensor.community.