Delete Sensor and register new

it seems i cannot edit a sensor after registration (e.g. add another sensor, like BME280 to the existing SD11).
So I deleted my sensor an tried to add it over again - but: sensor ID already exists!

My sensor ID is: 16284665

I’ve deleted the remains of the registration, including the measurements of today. These are the reason why wo don’t really delete all of the informations and why the chipID is not released.

And there was a warning, that you won’t be able to re-register this chipID after deleting the registration …

Hi, I have same Problem. My sensor ID is : 2490391. I want to register in another place, but I have this message: sensor ID already exists!

@elham_moeini you’ve got an email. this registration wan’t deleted. So you can change the location at .

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I have treid, but this time I use another account to register this sensor, because I use this sensor and 3 others for a project in university, so I need to register with university email.
Thank you

You can handover the sensor to another E-Mail-Address.
Please check the sensor list in on the right.

I did that, and now see that on the map. Thank you

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