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Deformation of temperatur sensor?

Probably it was a mis wiring (by mistake), or has it been the supply via power supply unit ? (base for the esp6882)

If, by mistake, the voltage (or ground) was wired to the signal pin (D4), the sensor can become so hot that it deforms ?

wow. you made history! how did it smell ?

maybe you got dc power reversed. putting 5v on data pins is just ttl level. me thinks. but that melting would take a lot of current. not usb, right?

ps: we are switching over to bme280 - best to replace with that bosch product (bme) because humidity is more accurate.

Hi deewavo, even if I feel your first phrase kind of snooty and inappropriate, thank you.

Let´s assume the power supply wire (3,3V) has been put to the signal pin of the DHT22, will this (and only this) cause the plastic of the DTH22 melting ? meaning such parts not are reverse polarity protected ?

Indeed, initially the ESP has been run by using the base-socket (as shwon by picture). The base has been powered via a small dc power plug 9V 0,6A.
The question was and is, is such base-socket a reliable part for powering the ESP by means of such power plug, rather then USB (5V) ?