Data transmission to AWEKAS Weather network

Hello i am Othmar the CTO from AWEKAS weather network.
AWEKAS can be reached at the Internet address
We have been asked whether data from your air quality sensors can be transmitted to us. we have an API that allows us to take air quality data for PM1, PM2.5 and PM10. Since this API is not published publicly, I would ask you to contact me by email.

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You can see all the data for 2.5 and 10 PM on the site:
Map Sensor.Community
On the website Baue Deinen eigenen DIY-Sensor und werde ein Teil des weltweiten civic tech, open data, open source Netzwerks. Unterstützt von vielen Mitwirkenden :two_hearts: you’ll see at the bottom the button API. Please have a look there…

Kind regards, Ben21

But the users want to see the data on the AWEKAS station website. like:
AWEKAS Stationsweb Micheldorf in Oberösterreich
Our users have a weather station and want to build an air quality sensor that is also visible on our site. We don’t want to compete with your map.