Data Send Return shows connection failed?

Hi All

I’ve had this sensor running for years, but I’m a bit unsure of what the error means?
Looking in Status under
Data Send Return it shows connection failed.
It contains two sensors under ID: 3218617
31730 and 34807
If I look at
It shows data
If I look at
It shows data.
It’s a 280 and not a 180, and I changed it in the config (I recently replaced it), but it doesn’t reflect it in the display or on my account?
I collect the data locally as well, both in Home Assistant and InfluxDB and that seems to work fine.
The sensor is set on a WLAN specific for IOT devices, with a short SSID, and a shorter password, and the wifi connection looks healthy.

The error shown on the status page isn’t the latest result, it’s the latest error that happened …
We hope we can change this in a next firmware version.
The sensor type can be changed at There you can set the type to BMP180.

Ok, great, thankyou!