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Counting People on the Sensor Community Map

Hello all,

I am working on a IoT project to deploy sensors in a village so we can measure temperature, humidity, AQ and pedestrian traffic. We have a working code base that is posting to TTN and then Node Red and into an Influx DB. However Influx dashboards are not very sophisticated when it comes to map based visualizations.

I would love to be able to display this data using the sensor community map display with the same format of Hexagons and colours. We would simply add an additional filter to show pedestrian traffic.

Has this been done before and can it be done - I have no idea where we would start.

Is there any documentation to show how we would format and post the data into the sensor community dashboard?

Thanks for any insights here.

The dashboard and the map are not using exactly the same things. If you want to build an hexagon map, you can check how the json from the API looks like. Can you send me an example of a json roduced by your system ?

Thank you.

I can make the Json look like whatever is needed.

But what is needed?

Can you point me to a sample file?

The JSON file for the PM sensors looks like this:

Is there a site for your project where we can get some technical infos (i.e. how the sensor is working)?
Is this an open hardware project? Could it be used by others?

And you can find some documentation on how to send data to our API here:

For this you need to register the single devices so that our database can include informations like location and sensors used into the JSON file.