Connection of GPS NEO 6M


Could you help me and give me tint, what is proper wiring for GPS module NEO 6M. I google that should be connected RX/TX to D3 and D4, but also found that should be D5 and D6.
In fact I connected it to D5 RX and D6 TX, but looks that without success (same as for D3/D4) GPS module is powered blue LED is blinking every second, but when I check my devices there is not information about GPS data.
Could you support me within this topic?

In the firmware it is:

#define GPS_SERIAL_RX D5
#define GPS_SERIAL_TX D6

Have you already use some GPS modules on microcontroller ?
Do you understand that the GPS coordinates can’t be send to the API for now?

So it means that I have it connected it in proper way.
No, I haven’t; all of the programming I know some basics but it is not the strongest part of my knowledge :wink:
I understand that GPS data are not visible on website, but in such case, shouldn’t I see at least on my devices screen some data about position? I mean in the area marked on attached pic?

Did you connect RX → TX and TX → RX? And 5V and GND?

The GPS module may also need 30 minutes and longer to get the needed signals. We can’t use the A-GPS data to speed up the process.

The GPS support is highly experimental as the NodeMCU isn’t really fast enough to handle 2 software serial interfaces.

The GPS module may also need 30 minutes and longer to get the needed signals. We can’t use the A-GPS data to speed up the process.

Yes and actually those cheap GPS modules can’t get any signal when they are indoor.

As I wrote I connected RX → D5 and TX → D6. It looks for proper connection as you have shown in the code and yes I connected also power GND, so do VCC. However not to 5V, but to 3V, but as I read it is possible to power it from 3V.

Far now all of the trials I did somehow indoor, because I had ESP with GPS module on the window sill (outside). I have it turned on around 1-2h.

The only thing which I have now in mind is doubt considering antena

I have it connected in the way as on the picture. But as I see some pics in internet it it is sold to the plate from opposite side. Should I do that also or might it stay as it is?

Please check again:

#define GPS_SERIAL_RX D5
#define GPS_SERIAL_TX D6

RX can’t be connected to RX and TX can’t be connected to TX !

RX → TX and TX → RX

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How I may check what is in firmware code? I haven’t compiled it, I just download via flasher latest.bin.

No need. Just invert D5 and D6. You plugged the wrong way

Did and now I’m receiving GPS data. So thanks for this tint, it is working. No issue with receiving GPS coordinates even inside of flat, no need to put sensor close to the window sill :wink:

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You are lucky. As I was building some open bike sensors only 2 out of 5 GPS modules were functional… and I could barely get signal in my street.