Connecting new Rasp Pi/Enviro+ to Sensor Community


I’m a newbie but I’ve gone through the normal simple explanations for errors and I can’t find out what’s wrong.

I’ve successfully loaded the appropriate scripts onto the Pi and I’m getting output onto my MacBook Terminal.

I’ve also established / registered with Sensor Community using the instructions and avoiding the pitfalls noted by others.

What isn’t happening is any update either on the My Sensor page or on the map? - I’ve gone round the houses and I’m bit stuck on where my error is (it will be mine!).

Any help appreciated.

Goudie Berry!

Which code did u use for the raspberry. Is ist well configured to send to the API with the right X-pin? What about the sensors choosed in ?

I would tell that anyything different from the official instructions should be reserved to very advanced users… I can t say anything about debugging on a raspberry. Or send me one :rofl: