Configuration design issues

Would any of you be able to share or help me to add a newly registred Noise sensor to the community map and have it shown up? ID 83034: Below is my registration info.

esp8266-6349154 = the device id.

I see my other device IID: 4539944 device does only show two of its three sensors. That seems to be a limitation of the number of sensors per device.

In the local config file there are only two fields to select from: while there a these three ids registered

1 = ID 66456 a DNMS sensor (NOISE)

2 = ID 71804 a SPS30 sensor (DUST)

3 = ID 71805 a BME280 sensor (TEMP - PRESSURE - HUMIDITY) is NOT SHOWN.

Please help.

Thank you!

Henk Diemer

Hello @HKD , could you please try to use as less formatting as possible?
YOu are talking about 2 chipIDs. What components are connected to which one?
Are the three menioned ids connected to chipID 6349154 or 4539944? And what is connected to the other one?