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Closed IQAir project question

Hi all
Just recently the government of our city has installed a few IQAir stations claiming that now it belongs to a citizen monitoring network but data is not open and the manufacturer does not say wich PM sensor are using :disappointed: among other bureocratic incoherences… It cost 250 USD
Does anyone know about this project? Do you know wich PM sensor are they using?

It is basically the problem. Why paying only 30$ when you can pay 250$? It is the basis of capitalism, isn’t it?
I think I remember they use the PMS7003 like Purple Air (which uses 2 PMS side by side why not 10 ?), but it is also the point: the hardware is closed source as well. Ask them directly or steal a station and open it! :slight_smile:

All the private and closed source project I found. And there are probably a lot more…

Just tell your local government that SC is officially recognized by the Dutch Minister for Environment, that French national institutions for IQ are slowly recognizing that the SC sensor works well. We provide a full stack of tools for visualizations and archives of the measurings, we gather a community of 14 000 users… Just ask them why they have chosen IQair. Is it a lack of knowledge (I am free for hiring) or is it on purpose ? Just with asking this very question can we make the things change. They just have to answer ! What they probably won’t do…

Thanks for the answer @pjg!

exactly :upside_down_face:
It is just business as usual for them. Show a number, say you are building the smart city and that air is ok… but If data shows no good they want the control of not showing the numbers any more, they want other voices closed
We need more smart citizens joining sensor communities like this one :muscle:

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