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Cleaning the sensor & Sensor Life

Hi everyone!

Quoting from the website, with measurements being taken every 150 seconds, the SDS011 would have an approximate life expectancy of 5 years.

Does this device have to be periodically cleaned? (if so… how?) Or can it just run for 5 years without ever having to be cleaned?
Would the sensor life be extended by cleaning it?

And… How do you know the device’s life is “up”?

Just curious how others are dealing with this. Thanks!

I too am interested in this. I have been running two sensor systems for 8 months. I think the SDS011s are OK but one of the met sensors is reading a very high value for humidity. It is reading 20% higher than the other one. Perhaps it is time for some general maintenance. Everyone… any thoughts on what maintenance is required?

Maintnance is bein recommended, at least by the Bulgarian branch of the sensor community. For more info on how to clean your sensor see the link below and google translate it into your language:

In a nutshell: Cleaning is recommended once a year, most critical are removing dirt in the colorless plastic tube, checking if there is dirt in the fan, if all the contacts are still connected, if there is rust on the contacts gently brushing it off.

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Thank you very much for the link. The procedure looks straight forward. In case anyone wants an English version of the text please find it below. I think I might maintain ours now (after 8 months) so the suggested 12 months might be a little long for us but that could depend on location etc.

The translation:

Hello like-minded person!

We are already entering the heating season and it is time to do our annual maintenance.

It is very easy and we will all be grateful for the little time you have to spend - 10-15 minutes!


paintbrush or soft toothbrush;
tweezers if needed;
lubrication if necessary;
running water;
your diligence and desire.


  1. Unplug the station
  2. Remove it from the place where you installed it.
  3. Carefully open the station and inspect the following items:

Check for oxidation of the micro USB input of the controller. If it has appeared - clean it carefully with an old toothbrush.
Carefully clean the controller of dust.
Check the condition of the cables to which the controller is connected. Make sure there is no loose cable.
:spades: A little trick: To make it easier to separate the two pipes, moisten them with soapy water near the pipe joint. Turn them so that the water penetrates the rubber joint and then separate the two pipes with successive turns.

  1. Remove the hose from the sensor and rinse it with water. Blow dry. Often small spiders enter the tube and make a cobweb.

:spades: A little trick: If you notice, after cleaning the tube, that it does not fix well, it is easiest to turn it back and install it.
5. Inspect the sensor fan for particles, bugs, or spiders. Carefully remove them, if any.

  1. Switch on the station in the open state and check that the fan is running

  2. Clean the station tubes and reassemble it. You can put a little soapy water on the rubber seal to make both knees fit more easily.

  3. Install it and plug it into the power supply


In my case the Nova SDS011 sensors last hardly one year…

Yes one of our local sensors has stopped working after 9 months :frowning:. Did you find a better alternative?

Not sure yet. Now trying a Sensirion SPS30 for 2 months

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