Changing location of a sensor on

A colleague of mine wanted to transfer a sensor to another location by first removing or de-registering the sensor from the site, and then re-registering it to the new location. In re-registering the sensor, he gets the message “this sensor ID is already registered”. How can we solve this? In hindsight he should probably have used the “hand over sensor” function, but it is too late for that. Any ideas? Thank you!

send mail to rjako. he can try to help. i tried several times to move from a previous owner ( i had sent them to the govt for review ) and we could de-register. So i bought three nodeMCU and started from scratch.

my sensor list is a mess, i have been through about 30 airRohr and many just won’t go away.

ask Rikki.

and yeah, hand over is easier.


You don t have to remove the sensor.

Just change the address and the geocoordinates in

thanks, pjg, for your reply. I understand now that it is a matter of just changing the address etc., but the damage is already done, the sensor has been removed! …and now I cannot add it as a new device.

Just write to Rajko at
Tell hin the Board ID and the e-mail if the account at devices… He should be able to make the Sensor come back.