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Cant connect to WiFi network

Hello! Thank you for this awesome project! I got my kit and there was no problem assembling it and accessing controller via WiFi. Controller displays available WiFi networks and once i enter correct password, system reboot - and once again i can see controller in my WiFi list. It means it is NOT connected to the WiFi router i provided… Is there something else i should do before connecting? I didnt try to remove password from router because im not the only one using it, but ill try that also… It should work on protected router anyway… any ideas? Thanks

Are you using the latest version of software? Beta or stable? Try beta if you able to update firmware easily.
What WiFi channel you use? Try switching to different then English language of the interface - this will change restriction for protected 11-13 WiFi channels.

Try erasing the flash and then reprogramming with the latest. Had problems where the OTA has corrupted the config and a erase followed by a reprogram is required.

Thanks, tried with latest software in the first place… didnt work. Then tried with other sensor with pre-flashed software - also didnt work… gonna try with language thing. Thanks!

Thanks for your answer, tried two different software versions [latest + pre-flashed] and it didnt worked. Will try Denis’s suggestion with languages.

Check WiFi signal. Is it good enough? Doesn’t it have any interference (like gaming consoles or similar).
Also it would be nice to read logs of controller. It will be clear what is happening inside of it.

Where can logs be found?

use Putty to get logs from USB connected NodeMCU

THANKS MAN, i will look into it :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m trying to connect to Wifi ch.13, apparently it doesn’t work, ch. 11 works, still I’d like the english variant.
Why should a wifi client be retricted ? It’s the AP that shouldn’t talk the upper channels outside europe.
Thanks :wink:

@ricki-z - this is a question for you

there is a logical failure in the firmware.
The sensor is opening a hotspot if it can’t connect to a wifi network. And in some countries wifi networks are restricted to channels 1 to 11. But yes, for “normal” client mode we don’t need to restrict this as the sensor should normal only see and connect to routers on allowed channels.