Can not add second sensors after deleting it once

Dear sensor community :
I hope this is the right place to bring up my question :
After creating an account and signing up my node with initially only the SDS011 sensor in the hardware configuration I removed the entry for the second sensor (temperature, %RH) expecting to install it later on with the button “add component”.
Unfortunately the button “add component” disappeared after removing the second sensor making it impossible to add the HTU21D sensor which I received later on. So now I’m stuck.

How to get re-enabled the second sensor-entry for the HTU21D for my node :

Node: esp8266-14289172 appearing on the map as sensor 40476

Thanks all!

Write to with the ChipID

Thanks pjg, i did so already but was’nt sure it arrived on the right place. Perhaps I should be more patient…:wink:
Thanks again.

The problem has been solved by the support team.
Thanks a lot everybody