Calling "AirRohr" config page by IP address. No access

Till now when calling the IP address the config page showed up without asking anything.

Now, today, it´s asking for username and password.

Regarding pw previous post are saying “airrohrcfg” is that right ?

if yes, what is the username ? (the chip ID wont work.)


the username should be admin .
Please try with password field left empty and with the password airrohrcfg .

doesn´1 work, any idea ?

Can we see the serial log from the USB ?

Thank you for reply. I shall do, what ever you want me.
Is there any recomondation for a USB logging tool ?
Is this one in order ?
As soon have your answer shall provide that log.

Download the arduino IDE:

Then in Tools => serial Monitor
Plug the usb câble on Computer and chose the right serial Port and then the 9600 frequency for the data.

Hi, only to make sure we are talking on the same topic. During set up and flashing the node esp8266 , of course has been connected to USB.
Now !!!, my 2 devices , (one in Spain, one in Germany) are running via WLAN (Wifi), right ?

The routers on both end are saying the IP is (guess it is DHCP , not sure if a fixed IP can be set).

Until now, when typing in the IP , immideately the AirRohr menu was showing up, without asking for anything.

The “new” situation is as described on the inital post. (verify above).

You said “Plug the usb câble on Computer” , but what cable ?
I am running the devices on WLAN ? The AirRohr installation is far away on the roof, it only is powered with the 5 Volts DC, nothing else. The communication is WLAN , right ?
What do I understand wrong ?
Keep in mind, in the past I really called the node (internally over intranet) many times, with no poblems.

However, now (for what reasen ever) getting that request for “Benutzername” and password, it is your (AirRohr´s ) System, and shouldn´t you know what really functioning keywords are ? anyway “admin” and “airrohrcfg” do not work. .

Neverthelles tell me what to do, to get the same as it has been earlier.

Would be glad to see a solution.

You Downloaded the beta Version of the firmware probable with an autoupdate. It is the reason why I need to See the whole config in the USB log. You need to Plug the usb cable on a Computer to See it.


the user name was also mentioned in one of the first answers. It’s ‘admin’ (without quotes).
But both the user name and the password may only work if they weren’t changed.

You could try to delete the config with our flashing tool. This should reset the local device config and you could start over.