Call api and get blank json

Hello everyone,
i call api and get data and insert on my database every 5 minete.
i don’t uderstand a little problem with api, sometimes random i get blank json like []
never seen this error before? i call by v1

Thank you

How did you set the timeout of the call ?

As this endpoint should return measurements received in the last 5 minutes, getting empty resultset means, I guess, that no measurements were received from your sensor in that period. There could be various reasons for that either on your side - bad wifi/internet connection, or on server side, as it was mentioned here, which seems to me more probable.

Hello stas and pjg, in these days am looking for a solution, i will try different server and do some test, i let you know… but now it’s a bit better.
Another litte question, by fixed ip it’s possible forward port and activate some address or web server to get data directly?
Thank you