Calibration of PMS7003

Hi I’ve just set up an new sensor outside my house. It’s using a PMS7003 particulate sensor.

I’ve noticed that it is the highest reading in my city. Currently reading PM2.5 of 56 ug/m^3, when the 3 nearest nodes average 34 ug/m^3. I suspect that this is because I am using a PMS 7003 and the others (probably) have different sensors.

Reading up on this subject:

This study tested 3 PMS7003 and concluded that they were very consistant with each other (high reproducability), but that they over estimated PM 2.5 (by quite a lot, possibly ~43%).
Which does seem to fit my current experience.

I might be able to persuade a local university to help me calibrate, but until then:

1 Does anyone have a “standard” code or method to post process the raw data from PMS7003 or other Particulate sensors to apply generic calibration to improve accuracy before uploading?
2 Is doing this even a good idea?
3 Would it be smarter to buy and SDS011?

For info - The rest of the set up is a Pi Zero, BME280 and the code is a simplified version of the Pimoroni Enviro+ code.

Thank you in advance for you help,