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Calibration of each station

The value given by each survey station depends on its position (proximity to the road, regulatory height in reference to that of professional control stations).

Could it be significantly relevant from a scientific point of view to be able to look at the map by filtering only the stations at a more regular height (3/4 meters) than the others? It’s correct?

It might be interesting this way, to push everyone to place stations more evenly if possible to provide better statistics. Mine is just an idea, what do you think?

I am doing a lot of off-line tests varying only the height (2 - 15 mt range): the result changes a lot even if I live in a small country village, who knows how much it changes in bigger cities.


Are there any sources of particle emissions directly nearby? Like chimneys perhaps? That could explain the variability.

My experience is different. Where I live there are only two sensors installed. One is placed low, the other is at a height of 10 metres. When looking at statistics, the median curves are always similar. When there is wind the readings are very close in absolute values. When the weather is windless then local phenomena (how many nearby people burning wood or pellet for heating) can be more prominent. But when things are bad both sensors reflect this. The stations are 2km apart. I guess that if one of them was placed very close to a source that would skew the results. Do note that the place I live is quite flat.

So I would say that height is not that important. What is important is to have a measure, so a sensor placed higher is better than no sensor at all. Since the height where the sensor is placed is more or less known (either explicitly declared or through sensor reading), then I’d say it does not matter.