Building energy performance - radio sensors

As a student working on a project about improving building energy performance using radio sensors and Lorawan technology, I would like to ask for advice. What types of radio sensors would be best suited for professional use with Lorawan technology to improve the energy efficiency of buildings? In addition, could you tell me the advantages and limitations of these technologies to better understand their use and relevance to my project?


Welcome on board.
Check this :
And the Githubs: aircarto · GitHub
You can buy some LoRa esp32 or build some with cheap modules.
Feel free to contact me in DM and I can explain further.

Hello, thank you for your feedback, I have started to read up on the subject. I found on this site what do you think? for radio sensors for professional use, it seems to me that they use LoRaWAN technology if I’m not mistaken. Thank you for your links, I’ll have a look

Pas besoin de passer par une entreprise. Tout est plus ou moins open source et il y plein d’exemples d’infrastructures complètes sur Github.

Yes LoRaWAN is quite powerful and easier as I firstly expected but you have to reroute the payloads to your own server. But I can help.

Ok thanks for your feedback, I’ll try and get back to you if needed it’s nice