Bug on the map when zooming in

Hi there,

I think I noticed a bug on the sensor.community map.
Since a few days, when I zoom on the map on my sensor, I can only see a “generic sensor” number #67340. For rural areas, it is not a big deal as you do not need to zoom in to check your sensor but for urban areas it is getting trikier to find your sensor. Did you also notice this or I am the only one having this issue ? Many thanks, Best regards from Grenoble.


The site is quite slow, sometimes, so slow that I don’t wait and try again later. Probably has to do with traffic. Anyway, it seems you can’t zoom in any further than this:

When I do this, I do get to see individual sensors. From your screen shot, there are two right near each other, near the corner of Boulevard Clemenceau and Avenue Jean Perrot. It puts them side by side if they are on the same address, front and back of house.

Does that answer your question a bit?


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Hi Rolf, thanks for your support. Actually those two sensors are mine and I have to change the gps coordinates so that they match perfectly because they are placed on the same window :slight_smile: The problem I had just got solved because when I zoom in, I can see properly the devices number (I don’t see anylonger #67340 appearing). So all fine !!!
Regards from France

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