BME688 & raspberry pi

I have a sensor node built on a raspberry pi, it currently uses a bme280 but the humidity has been misreporting for ages so I finally got round to replacing it and bought the newer, upgraded BME688. I was thinking that I could just update the python script that runs to send the temperature/humidity/pressure readings from the bme688 instead of the bme280 once I have it installed.

However, I now see in the sensor details page, hardware configuration section, in the drop downs, it has specific sensors and the bme688 isn’t listed and I also found a few posts in this forum saying that it’s not supported.

Would there be any problem in reporting the temp pressure and humidity from the bme688 but still having it listed as a bme280? Does it change how you interpret the data?

Do other sensor types in the drop down allow the recording of more data types that the bme688 could be reporting? And would changing the drop down away from a BME family of sensors be even worse for the integrity of the data and it’s analysis?