BME680 detecting smoke gas (CO2, CO from wood stoves)

request to add BME680 as featured sensor. i know it was discussed some years back, but there is now a very good adruino library with also good community behind. plus sensor is very low cost (~7$ from CH)

I was searching for a sensor to measure not only Feinstaub/particulate matter but also “giftige Rauchgase”/smoke gases like CO2 and VOCs (CO,…). Due to that heavy use of wood stoves and “holzofengate” this winter, I have setup a ESP8266 with BME680 and pretty reasonable results. I started sharing my expirences here or or if needed i can also add more data here.

I recently got many times the request, how to setup something similar. But in my opinion it makes sense to add this sensor to your current airrohr. To make the topic of air polution due to wood stoves more visible, it is important to have many sensors also in the residential areas.

The setup solves also the issue, that it takes alot of time of calibration, by saving the calibrated values to EEPROM. I’m happy to share the code, if you think about adding the sensor

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