BME280 stopped working properly

Hi everybody

My BME280 stopped working properly after a humidity-peak. See screenshot below. Do i have to replace it?

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Please send me sensor IDs: board ID and Map ID.

Is it the same profile for the PM sensors?

I would say a power supply issue (at least 2 A USB charger).
Maybe some water broke the BME.
Most of the time when there is some oxidation, the BME become a BMP in the WiFi interface of the sensor. You can wash it gently with a toothbrush and sone KONTAKT60 deoxidizing liquid.

Hi pjg

Thx for your reply!

Sensor 62802 (ChipID: esp8266-10078828)

Yes, should be the same profile.

I had also a power supply problem. But the problem with the BME persists, when its powered properly.

Ok, i will try to clean the BME.


Power supply issue 100 %

Change it for 2.4 A !

It is the whole sensor not the BME according to the Graphs.

But i worked quite well last night…

I changed the power supply to 5 V 2.4 A. But the Temperature is still -146° C (constant value) and pressure is changinng but too low with about 400 hPa (970 normally).

It seems to be the whole sensor, but its obviously not the power supply.


The sensor seems really stable now.
You are right there is a problem with the BME. Is it well configured in the WiFi interface of the sensor ? Did you really choose BME280 ? Check the pins also.