BME280 pressure data

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With BME280 i get pressure data like “864.888468325277”?, it seems to be wrong.

Antibody has an idea how no normalize it?

BTW, I got the same values with two different devices (one time NodeMCU + one time Raspberry PI with adafruit_bme280.advanced).

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

I have encountered problems with the BME280 after it being in use for some time. It is possible to recalibrate by baking it in an oven. However, I have not had success with this method and so I usually replace mine when they start giving erroneous readings.

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Thanks for the reply.

I get almost the same reading on a old sensor and on the new one, on both Nodemcu and RasPi, so i tough i am required to calibrate something. Maybe i had just bad luck with those two sensors (=being broken).

Got a new sensor now, same readings, unfortunately. Always around ~8 (instead of ~1, right?).

I got it always from the same manufacturer, maybe they got defective there or during shipment. Dunno.

The instruction page is linking to AliExpress, are those sensors always genuine? Found this: Bosch Sensortec Community: BMP280 Authenticity Check

Screenshot 2024-01-07 at 10-56-39 Alle Ihre Medien - Fotos - Fotos - Cloud - Storage

Screenshot 2024-01-07 at 10-56-52 20240107_104151.jpg - Cloud - Storage

getting same with Pi Sense Hat (881.735107421875), likely 881 normal here, dunno.

How high do you live? The Pressure decrease quite fast with the altitude in the beginning.
Have you set the altitude in the WIFI configuration interface and can you read the corrected value ?

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Approx 1,400 m (Height above mean sea level)

Have to check that. Thanks.

You live quite high. Set the altitude and you will get the corrected value.

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Hey pjg :), Sorry for bothering you again. I did som research on the internet but i got no idea how to set the pressure correctly.

Where you set the altitude exactly? Isn’t the BMP280 doing that automatically (detecting height based on pressure)? Or did you mean, simply correct the data by doing a “mathematical calculation” (calibration).

Thanks again.

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In the config UI, there is a Field where you can Write the altitude. Unfortunstely I can t do Any Screenshot at the Moment.
Connect to you Sensor through the Router and Check the tabs under Configuration.

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It seems it is only in the beta version…

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Yes, there. Thanks :slight_smile: