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BME280 data totally off

Hi all,

I am new to this community, so please be patient with me :wink:

Today I have set up my community kit from nettigo .

In the process I accidentally connected GND of the BME280 to 3V3 on the NodeMCU and VIN to GND. I realized when the temperature sensor did not work at all in the beginning (but this was also caused by the firmware to be configured to use the DHT22 temperature sensor).

After correcting the connection and the settings, the SDS011 is working fine, but the BME280 delivers values that are a totally off. Temperature -146.9 °C, pressure 616.67 hPa, humidity 100%. Also these values stay constant over time.


  • Do you think I damaged/destroyed the BME280 by wrongly connecting it in the first attempt?
  • Or is it rather that this sensor was already broken in the first place?
  • Any other hints how I could fix the problem?

Thanks for any help.


Did you solder yourself the pins on the BME280 ? Can you do a picture of them ? And also the wiring.

Thank you for your answer.

No, I did not solder anything myself - the BME280 from nettigo comes presoldered.

Please see this picture for the wiring - I hope this is sufficient.

Oups. I meant the solder points on the reverse side. Do the charger produce at least 2000 mA?

Hmm, the problem occurs both with the charger which I got from nettigo (Output 5V, 1500 mA) and a USB power pack I am running the whole setup from now which, according to the writing on it, delivers up to 5V, 3.1 A.

Regarding the solder points, please see the pic below:

I am afraid that reverse polarity might permanently damage BME280 sensor.

I’ve put a service request in our system and we (Nettigo) will send you another BME280 sensor. But please connect it the right way this time :slight_smile:

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Wow, that is awesome - I am very grateful.

Thank you so much.


Sensor is here and installed. Everything is working now :grinning:

A big thank you to @irukard and the team at nettigo

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