BME280 data sent to server, but not displayed on community map

I have just set up my sensor, with BME280 and SDS011 connected to ESP8266.
The particle data is displayed on community map, but all data from BME sensor isn’t, the only place it is displayed is following :

Is the problem on my end ? how can it be resolved?

It should be a problem with the registration on Did you choose the right sensor BME280 ?

Thanks, that was the problem, I selected wrong device…

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Dear pjg,

I just assembled a sensor with SDS011 and BME280 and registered it. SDS011 shows data correctly, but BME280 only shows temperature and pressure on, and when I place the mouse over the graphs, it shows as if it was a BMP280 sensor. However, I am sure that on device settings, I chose BME280.

What might I have done wrong?

Thanks in advance for your guidance.


Please send me a picture of the config interface on the sensor. Use the search function of the firmware flasher.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Please see the screenshots below, indeed there is something strange because despite BME is selected on configuration, it shows BMP sensor.



Let me know if this could be fixed.

Thank you.


It is a new sensor isn’t it ?
Are you 100% it is a BME ? Some sellers sell some BMP280 while presenting it as a BME280…
Last but not least : did you solder the pin yourself ? If there is a shortcut it can transform a BME into a BMP… Can I see the solderings ?

Try to set BMP280 in I want to be sure that the API at least receives the data.

And send me also the board ID because I want to check the Grafana dashboard.

Yes, the whole assembly is new, this is my first community sensor.

You are right the error might be from the seller, I bought the sensor from a local online store, and the title said “BME280 3.3”, but I am now checking the technical specifications and it says BMP 280. I have changed this on, and now I can see the temperature and pressure fine on the map. However I am getting different values from thank the ones visualized on map. The board ID is ESP 8266-14507506 (a848fadd5df2).

I get 786 hPa in grafana, which is correct, but in the displayed pressure is 996.4 hPa. The value of 786 is more accurate as I am at 2100 meter above mean sea level.



So I guess my problem has been partially be solved (I need to get a real BME280), the only remaining doubt is regarding the different pressure reading I am getting from the sensor (correct value of 786 hPa) VS the value displayed at sensor. community (996 hPa).

Any additional advice or input, is highly appreciated.



The Main map shows only the pressure at sea Level. What is strange is that you Don t See Both the values in the configuration interface. Which firmware version ?

I flashed 2 days ago the ESP8266 board. I requested “latest.bin”, the firmware version shown is NRZ-2020-133/EN (Nov 29 2020).

Regarding the pressure at sea level on the Main map, I do not get it, does not make sense. Even modern smartphones have pressure sensors installed. The atmospheric pressure shown at my place is around 790 hPa, not 996 hPa. Ideally, we should see atmospheric pressure at each site, and thus we could know indirectly, the elevation of that place. Current data shown by the interphase shows the right value, so I believe that should be the one that needs to be reported on the Main map.

Thanks for your guidance.

Best Regards.