BME/BMP 280, BME680 sensors under microscope

Interesting photos under microscope of BME/BMP 280, BME680 sensors under microscope


the point is that the BME280 breaks down in condensing environments. We experienced that one of our climate sensors, used outdoors, broke down after 6 months. The temperature reading of the BME was still OK, but both humidity and air pressure were way off and giving strange values. We were surprised by this but started googling and found out that it is a know problem for the Bosch sensor: It doesn’t handle condensing environments well, and that’s basically any outdoor environment in our sometimes humid and cold Western Europe climate.
So I am trying to find a practical and simple way to protect the BME from condensation, without disrupting the humidity or air pressure measurements. Have not found anything yet.

Have a look at this link mentioned here.

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