Begginer : Adding display to Nettigo kits?

Having installed various pre-wired kits I find that the Nettigo ones are quite robust, and, to the ‘non-soldering end user’ like me, I appreciate the ‘tubular’ and the larger one.
My only worry is, these kits come with no display, which prevents me to offer them to the non-tech rest of the family and friends.
So I’d love to order a couple kits along with extra displays, as I see various ones are available in Nettigo.
But in spite of old posts here and there about just plugging them I’m not sure how to do it and, specially, if they’d be recognized.
Does anyone here have an experience with this -specially starting from one of the two kits above, which I already know?
[moved this Fri. to ‘feature requests’ as wrongly posted in FAQ earlier on]

Maybe I should contact Nettigo directly?

You can use this kind of screen: SSD1306
Screen Shot 2023-12-22 at 07.59.19

You can plug ot on the same pins as the BME280 because it is I2C communication: GND and VCC, SCL, SDA

But you will have to solder/prepare special cables in order to get parallel connections.

Then you will have to change the configuration of the sensor in the WiFi interface.

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Thank you very much @pjg , I’m checking the cables now :slight_smile: