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we will soon install the sensor inlcuding a display on a public building. The poeple should be able to see the current air quality.
In our opinion an old android tablet is best suited for the display but we do not find a solution for automatic reloading the page. (to see all the time the current values). Auto refrehs plugings aren’t working under android.
Has someone a solution for that case? Best would be using the madavi/grafana graphs or just the values from the page “Feinstaubsensor Aktuelle Werte”

Maybe it is also possible to display the WHO threshold… but this gimick hasn’t priority.

Thanks a lot in advance

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Hi @21stage

The best thing would possibly be to show the page New tab ( because most people want to see the live data and might not understand the dashboards. Therefore in terms of easiness, the Grafana dashboards are more suited because they can refresh (if you set it to) every 10 seconds. However to refresh a whole page becomes a bit more difficult because you might have bad network issues which make it take a lot of time to reload and stuff like that.

However it’s up to you to decide - both options work. Grafana you can reload the dashboard every 10 seconds, the “Feinstaub aktuelle Werte” page will need an extension in the browser…

Hope that helped!
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Hi Ben21
Thanks so much for your very valuable advice. Shame on me… Using since 4 years grafana and I never noticed the auto refresh functionality. (especially for this I installed fhem to have the live data at home… Arghhh)
Thanks a lot… Grafana suits perfect and we will using this.
Best regards

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