API loads everything, including pressure, but does not show it on map


I’m in the process of getting a sensor (BME680/BME280 and SDS011) up and running on a Raspberry PI. Almost ready. It reads the data and uses the API to upload it.
In my devices on devices.sensor.community the data shows up fine (including a sea level equivalent).
But on the MAP, my hexagon is not available when I select pressure.
The API spec indicates: {“display_name”: “Pa”, “value”: “pressure”}, which is what I use: pressure.
I send (at this moment) a value of 1033, so I think I got the unit hPa right.
Any suggestions?


The API expects pressure values in Pa, so the value should be 103300. And there shouldn’t be a “display_name” in the posted JSON, only “value_name” and “value”.

Thanks for the quick answer!

It didn’t work at first (in Pa) and looking at other sensors I thought that I needed to divide by 100 to go to hPa. But that wasn’t the case.

I have updated it and now it works fine! Thanks again.

(the little piece of json comes from the spec, when you click the OPTIONS button on https://api.sensor.community/v1/push-sensor-data/ - I do indeed not include it in the post)