An accredited method of use?

I have been discussing the use of low cost PM 2.5 sensors with my local council. I have mentioned some of the high readings we have been getting but they are somewhat dismissive due to issues with humidity etc.
I therefore wonder if anyone has looked into whether a method of using the PM2.5 sensors could be accredited?
For instance if a certified particle counter was used to calibrate one of our PM2.5 sensors in situ and that was acceptable could that method then be used to certify other PM 2.5 sensors? I expect it will be more complicated than that but I if anyone has any experience of this I would be interested.

Did you make long term comparison of colocated sensors? The humidity is an issue indeed but it does not completely make the results unreliable… There are a few studies around that show that the SDS011 is not that bad for the price. How do you download and check the data ?
The Sensor.Community sensors are recognized and used by the RIVM the Ministry for Environment in Niederland.
It is normal that a 15 € sensor gives less good results that a 10 000 € installation.
Please contact me for further information.

the sds011 is used in many commercial sensors. it is superior to the newer small profile particle sensors used in- say- purple air in that it has a larger fan and laser chamber and the installed base is enormous.

coupled with the bme280 it is a remarkably accurate aqm. see the air blog has more details. PM is pretty easy to measure though- not at all esoteric; pretty straightforward and generic.

Thank you for the reply. No I haven’t made any long term comparisons between the SDS011 and an accredited system. I believe, from the literature, that this is worthwhile and allows for more certainty of accurate results from the SDS011 but as you say there are still limitations at higher humidities. I totally agree that the community sensors are very good and are great for informing the local community of the air quality so that vulnerable people can take action such as deciding to stay indoors. Sadly, I don’t think local councils will not act on information from the low cost sensors alone. In the U.K. they would probably need to have mcert accreditation before they would take notice. However, I will check out what is being done in the Netherlands.

You can also contact Rohit and Graham at the Sheffield University. Check the Pin on the map. They can help you to find good arguments in English.

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Thank you for the reply. I will look them up.