Airrohr Flasher for ESP32

I apologise if this has been discussed but could not find any discussion within the Forum. Additionally, I am not a programmer. Does the Airrohr Firmware Flasher for the ESP8266 also work ESP32. Community Environmental Monitoring in Australia are considering moving from the ESP8266 to the ESP32 to facilitate adding additional monitors. I am aware that there is Firmware Source Code for the ESP32 at Github, but do not know how to load this firmware on to a chip.

According to Airrohr Firmware Flasher Github Issues page, it is possible to modify and build the airrohr firmware flasher to support ESP32.

I have created a Pull request with (hopefully) the fix to add ESP32 support. But it is untested. If you want, you can test it at your own risk.

(I do not have ESP32 to test it myself).

Here in the “Artifacts” section of the page you can download the Airrohr Firmware Flasher executable files for your OS:

I will be also thankful if someone tests it on ESP8266.

Thanks for your prompt reply. I don’t yet have a ESP32 but will order some today and try to test it when they arrive.

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I clicked on the link that you provided but 1 am not a programmer so did not understand how to flash the ESP32. I was hoping for something like this tool

that I use for the ESP8266 chips.

The ESP32 can’t be flashed with the flasher. It has to be flashed with Platformio. @ricky-z Should we review the PR?
If you are not a programmer, is there a particular reason why you wants to use the ESP32 instead of the ESP8266?

moving from the ESP8266 to the ESP32 to facilitate adding additional monitors

Who will program ?

Check: GitHub - aircarto/NebuleAir_NBIOT at develop
It is an ESP32 system compatible with SC.

Hey Pierre,
Thanks again for contacting me. I went to the GitHub - aircarto/NebuleAir_NBIOT at develop site as suggested and am none the wiser about how to flash the ESP32. I’ll try and find a programmer to assist me.

@pjg @Charlie_Pierce, as I’ve written before, I produced an experimental build of the Airrohr Firmware Flasher that can be tested to flash the ESP32. I didn’t test it myself because I do not have ESP32 boards.

The flasher binary can be downloaded on this page and ran as a normal computer program on any PC:

:heavy_heart_exclamation:In the section down below the page that looks like this are the flasher distributions for different operating systems:
Screenshot from 2023-09-06 08-52-26