Airrohr Firmware Flasher: build on modern OSes, fix continuous integration

Hi! <TL;DR>It would be nice to have a functional airrohr-firmware-flasher build process to be able to make binaries for all modern operating systems.

Technical details:
At first airrohr-firmware-flasher stopped building because one of the python packages has become no longer available for download. I got it fixed and the pull request got merged relatively quickly.

Then I wanted to make sure that the tool gets successfully built on modern versions of operating systems (Ubuntu variant of GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows), so I wrote a CI to fix the build process.

Somehow my pull-request doesn’t get merged even though it’s almost completely focused on one single file – the Github Actions file.

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:sunny: :smile: Thanks for @ricki-z the code for automatic Firmware Flasher Builds on all OSes (GNU/Linux, MacOS, Microsoft Windows) has been merged.

So, anyone who develops or uses the firmware flasher is now able to produce it’s working binaries without the hassle of setting up complicated local build environment.

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Hello Kolobok, I am new on this platform and trying to build a particulate matter sensor. I use a brand-new MacBook Air on Sonoma 14.1.2. On this system the “Sensor.Community Airrohr Flasher” does not run. Is it possible to run the flasher on Mac? Thanks for the help!

Hi, @JPH_NL. Try the latest Mac OS binary from here: (section “Artifacts”).


AWWWW, this is cute! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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