airRohr change sampling time

Hello. I’m new on this forum and I have a question.

I want to use my airRohr device with a battery power supply and measure air during my bike to work. Is it possibile to change sampling time of the device (1 sample every 10 sec for example?)
Paolo (ITALY)

On Grafana you can change the refresh time to up to 10 seconds.


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Where I can find this settings?

On Grafana; PM sensors - Dashboards - Dashboards - Grafana (
Make sure to change the sensor ID in the menu. Then on the top right you’ll see the menu to change the time intervals (picture above).

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You can do but please uncheck “send to Madavi” and “send to Sensor.Community”. Remember the projet and the server are free to use… Don’t overload them.
The SC sensor is no mobile device but you can find quite a lot of examples to build some on the internet.
Actually I don’t understand: do you have a screen on your sensor ? Can you reach a WiFi router on the whole path ?

I’m going to create an hotspot and use it during my biketowork.
I know it’s not a mobile device but why not to try to find something new.
Thanks for your suggestions

You could set up a custom server with a small php and add a gps in a custom firmware. You can use the beta version.

This won’t change the sampling frequency, only the browser refresh rate.

I’m not sure about times <30seconds but you can definitely lower the default 145 seconds through the web interface of your sensor (well, the board it’s connected to).

But as already stated by @pjg it wouldn’t be very nice to add the extra burden onto the project. Using your own server to fetch data from the sensor would be a more elegant solution. I have used a Linux phone to this end with positive results. (I also needed a mobile solution)

Edit: made some erroneous assumptions that I fixed.


Can you link me a tutorial to use a smartphone to collect data from sensor?

You can use all apps on your phone as well as on the pc. The and the websites work also on the phone. Just use the same links like on your pc…

There are also desktop apps for smartphones which work as well as the pc desktop apps.

@Ben21 I don’t think what is what @Paolo_Gaffurini means - I think he means collect data from the sensor through an API of sorts.

I used a linux phone for this for a reason: it’s got a battery (it’s a phone!) and it runs Linux so I can programme all sorts of scripts and even have a web interface going since I have root access to the device. I’m sure you can do something similar on Android too but I don’t know how.

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I am not sure you can connect and send data from a SC sensor through a phone hotspot. The provider and Android may prevent exotical data flows.

Just open a hotspot with your phone. With a PW. Connect the SC Sensor to it.

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I did manage to do that. Through the wifi hotspot I can access the json page with the last readings etc. They are then processed on the phone only.

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Thanks all for your help. At this moment I think that the solution you suggested are out of my ability. So I will try to find a solution to create a mobile air quality measure device

There are some project specifically for mobile sensors.


its exactly possible. We made it many times. But the shortest interval is 30 sec in airrohr firmware

Ofcourse you can adjust sampling interval inside web interface of airrohr firmware. But I aware you to set it less than 30 sec - you may hang up device. Also you can use smartphone as a router. We made such a lot of times - it works.
Other way you may install ESP-Easy firmware to ESP and measure continiously, but you will see data only in web brouser or on physical LCD/OLED screen connected to ESP. The issue is how to send data from ESP-Easy to some server.