AirGradient Dashboard

Hello All,

Is there a possibility to connect a AirRohr sensor to the AirGradient Dashboard??
When yes how todo? I didn’t succeed until today

is there a similar dashboard for airRohr Sensors,
This would interrest me for Temperature and humidity measurements in greenhouses
I want to deploy it at a friends site , that he can observe the day and night temperatures to enable heating , venting etc etc in several greenhouses.

Thanks for informations about it
Kind regards from Hans

Maybe you should contact Airgradient. They are a company. The SC firmware can send normal POST requests to other entities. You could ask them if they accept those requests.

Actually, the SC project is mainly for outdoor and about data collection for the broad community… There are some dashboard (read the instructions attentively) but for server load issues, there are not to be used extensively. Bit you can program what you want with our API.