Air quality sensor not measuring continuously

Hi everybody,
My new air quality Sensor (type esp8266) is not showing the data continuously, but it’s measuring single points in a few hours distance. So the air quality doesn’t look like a graph, but like single dots.
Did I make a mistake?

Change the PSU. You must use a USN`B charger with at least 1.5 A. Check the specs on the case.

Everything is correct. There must be a nother issue…

Have you tried to change the charger, really ? I would say it is 95% the cause of such issue.
Is the range of the WiFi correct?
Can you remove the WPS option on your router if activated.

I now changed it to a 1.67A charger, but it still doesn’t show a graph.

Did you change the timespan 145s?

Send me Screenshots of the whole config.

Do you know someone at your local Community ?

I figured out the problem… it was too far away from the router. Now it works perfectly fine!

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Indeed the range is important! :slight_smile: