Air quality communities


I just found out about today. Pretty cool, thinking about contributing. Got a general question about and similar projects.

There’s a project called OpenAQ. To me it seems, this project has very similar goals, they also provide a map with a pollution overview. I am curious how these two projects compare. Why would I choose one project over the other? And, is there any exchange of data between the two?

Just trying to understand similarities and differences here.



It seems that they are aggregating Purple Air and official stations.
The main difference is that it is a commercial project.
SC is free and we answer on every canal. We are real people :slight_smile: devoted to help others. It is the reason why you should participate. And actually I don’t understand if OpenAQ is offering a sensor system.
I have already tried to contact OpenAQ without success.
They are free to use our data and contact us…