Again....Node not found in database, but no solution found until today

Hello All,
Here is my setup:

  • esp32 and a SHT30 only connected
  • Firmware en.bin
    Connected it to my wifi network and is working
    On the webpage I can see the measured data
    Went to and registered the sensor as ESP32-8358555
  • set the right card as ESP32
  • set the right sensor as SHT30

so far all ok…i think…?
Running the sensor I went to the debug page and saw following:

Screenshot at 2022-05-09 21-11-35

For information: this is the second ESP32 I took and still got the same error
The first sensor I deleted and cannot reuse the esp32 for sensors anymore… just standalone, because I cannot re-register the same number again…

What information should i give more to troubleshoot this error??
Is it possible that a particle sensor SDS011 must be connected, I can do it, because I have one spare.
I wanted to create a amount of sensors to observe just temperature and humidity to mount into greenhouses.

As I always say : if you don’t know exactly what you do, you should not deviate from the official instructions. It is always the same…
Did you configure the same sensors in both and in the config interface on your WiFi network.

I try to find the ID ESP32-8358555 without success. Can you send me a screenshot of the configuration interface ? Are you 100% sure the sensor is connected to the WiFi network ?

AND: Sensor.Community is about collecting environmental data for the community, it should not be a system to check temperature and humidity in greenhouse installations… Or maybe you want to send us some fresh tomatoes (or an other kind of smelly plant…) ?

It is strange, that your number is not in the list:
Capture d’écran 2022-05-09 à 23.15.23

@F4VSJ Hello, are you sure that you have an ESP32? The chipID looks like an ESP8266. And if you used our flashing tool and the software provided by this tool then it is an ESP8266.

the card is a ESP32:


It’s a D1 Mini. There are versions with 8266.

Can we see the other side?

Pierre Jean,
Well you are right… on the chip is written ESP8266MOD like on the picture…
I’ll change the config ans see if I find the sensor then
Thanks for giving me the right direction
Is there a possibility to change the esp32 to ESP8266???
When I delete the sensor in the devices list, than I cannot re-enter the same serial number…
Any good idea??


@ricki-z ? Can he Register the Sensor as esp8266?

@F4VSJ (cc @pjg) you can register the chipID ‘again’. This only won’t work if you use this ID with the same type (registering as ESP8266, delete this and register as ESP8266 again).

Thanks a lot, I’ll change it when I’m at home again
For the moment working on other air-rohr sensor in the FABLAB of Rostrenen
This is in the west part of France , named Britany.and there we are real in the center of Britany

Yes this is WORKING
Thanks a lot