After update no more data is sent to OpenSenseMap

After the last week’s downtime (the SSL incident), I’ve updated my Airrohr-Sensor. It works like a charm and the data can be seen on Only the connection to OpenSenseMap seems to be broken.

I’ve double-checked the senseboxID and double-checked if OpenSenseMap is enabled in the config. In the debug log, I can find the following:

## Sending to - BME280
Succeeded -
## Sending to opensensemap: 
Time for Sending (ms): 107

Any ideas on how to debug this issue? Is there a kind of log interface at OpenSenseMap?

please check if you can send to opensensemap without HTTPS.
They may also use a let’sEncrypt cert.

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Opensensemap indeed uses a Let’s Encrypt certificate which was renewed on March 16th without the X3 cross-signing so HTTPS uploads from the released firmware to opensensemap will fail.

Unfortunately the current SC-firmware (both release and beta) have HTTPS for the OpenSenseMap API hardcoded and it can’t be disabled in the UI.

I and a colleague have been running a patched version of the SC firmware for a week now on three different sensors and it is running very stable with the same performance characteristics as the original release. If people would like to test the patched firmware, binaries are available at
(builds for the PR at Replace DST Root CA X3 with ISRG Root X1 by Phaze-III · Pull Request #1015 · opendata-stuttgart/sensors-software · GitHub )