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Adding Data to Sensor.Community using live excel data


Does anyone know if we can convert live feed excel data for use on the Sensor.Community website.

The idea would be to convert the excel to the more appealing visual presentation of data.

The monitors used are not configured to feed data to Sensor.Community.

Example of data.



Are the data good? Which sensors?
It could be done with openpyxl…

Morning PJG

The data from the monitors has been accredited by the South African National Accreditation Service (SANAS)

Could you please explain openpyxl or send me a link.

Thanks for your input.



Python is a very commun programming language which can run server side.
Openpyxl is a library for python to read/write excel spreadsheets.
Sensor.Community uses an API to receive the data of all the sensors. This API is described here: EN APIs · opendata-stuttgart/meta Wiki · GitHub

You can write a porgramm which calls and loads the excel file. With openpyxl, you read the values and the time and prepare a json file compliant with the one which has to be sent to the API. You do a POST request with Python.

You will need a server or you’ll have to let a computer run…

Thanks Pierre-Jean.

A little beyond my skill set.

Crazy season now will a lot of people off until mid January.

I will find out all the server and monitor information and will keep you posted.

All the monitors feed to a central server and then record excel information on the website. Older technology.

But from what you tell me there is a possibility that we could also feed the information into Sensor.Community.

Thanks again for your input.