Add data to MS Teams?

Is it possible to add the data of the sensors somehow (without being to complicated :slight_smile: ) to Microsoft Teams desktop app?
I’d like to have a look at the air quality remotely from school…
Thanks for your ideas!

Can you See « add App » in the Teams Client ?
There should be a way

@pjg, I can see the upload app button, so now I have a new question.

  • How can I download the dashboard and / or map?

Why Teams? You can’t use a browser in school?

The desktop app looks nicer… :slight_smile:

Desktop app? I missed that. Got a link maybe?

The map:
Map Sensor.Community

I got that. It’s a weblink. It opens in my browser. For “app” I expected something available from an app store, or F-Droid, or whatever. I just added the link to Teams, as website. Works. Doesn’t look any different than the browser to me. You said

The desktop app looks nicer…

so I don’t get it, but I’m OK if we leave it at that.

Thanks for you efforts!
My Teams somehow takes ages in loading and doesn’t finish loading. So I couldn’t add it yet.
How did you do it?

In the bar up top just below the search box, click the + to add a tab → select Website → give it a name in the first box → paste the link in the second box where it says “paste your link here” → Save. That’s all.

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